White labeling BigMailer platform offers several benefits, but may not be necessary to meet your needs. This article helps you understand the pros and cons of using a white label and any limitations to supporting your use case and requirements.

BigMailer unsubscribe page customizationsSome email platforms refer to white label as an ability to brand your unsubscribe page and setup a a custom domain for links in the email and to host your unsubscribe page. This option is available to BigMailer customer on all plans at no extra cost.

In BigMailer you can customize the Unsubscribe page for each brand by adding a logo, custom message, and message types to manage it as an email preference center.

What BigMailer calls white labeling, only offered on Agency and Enterprise plans, is ability to host the platform on your own domain with your logo and all references to BigMailer removed.

White Label Setup

Here is a list of features you can expect with white label:

  1. All users (team members and clients) access the platform via login on your own domain.
  2. All users see your logo in the header, login page, and activity notification emails (account activation, password resets, imports, etc).
  3. The platform will NOT be branded with your colors or styles, but you can still brand your unsubscribe pages (see above).
  4. Error messages and help section will not have any references to BigMailer.
  5. No live chat support from BigMailer team.
  6. Optional: you can provide a link to your own help section if you prefer to manage your own.

What BigMailer white label does NOT support:

  1. Billing your clients for use of the platform. Our white label is not intended for resellers.
  2. Loading the platform or any screens in an iFrame inside another website or application.

Assets You Need to Provide

In order to set up your account as white label we request the following assets from you:

  1. White label domain to be used in all URLs
  2. Business name (text label)
  3. A full path to the logo image you want to use – 3 versions:
    a) A logo to appear in the site header, ideally simple and icon like
    b) A logo to appear on the login page, and in transactional emails (login activation, password reset, etc.).
    c) Optional: A path to your favicon
  4. Administrator/support email address that will be referenced in cases of errors (permissions, billing limits, etc.)
  5. Optional: A link to your own help document as an alternative to the help section we manage.

Possible Integrations via APIs

A lot of businesses are interested in integrating email marketing features into their existing suite of tools. The challenge with a deep integration like that is that you need to re-create a lot of the UI and functionality of an email platform (e.g. email template management, configuration checks, and error handling) and it would likely take many months to deliver. A white label platform allows you to just send the users to the platform that has your branding and uses your business domain in the URL.

Here is a list of APIs you can use with your white label:

  1. Create new brands, send new user invites.
  2. Contact (subscriber) and list management (add, update, delete)
  3. Create and send bulk and transactional campaigns.

You can also set up a webhook to send subscriber engagement data to your platform for processing – bounces, complains, unsubscribes, opens, and clicks.

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