Simply The Best Email Marketing Affiliate Program

Affiliates Earn Commission While Offering a Deep Discount

At BigMailer, we wanted to create an incentive to make it easier for our affiliates to earn their commissions and promote BigMailer platform, so we designed the best email marketing affiliate program by using a double incentive. When our affiliates refer someone to BigMailer, their referrals get a deep discount on their 1st month at BigMailer – a win-win. So what are the incentives (read complete rules below)?

Affiliate commission: 30% of the invoices paid by their referral

Referred customer discount: 50% OFF the 1st month of service with BigMailer

How it works:

You can promote BigMailer on your website, social media accounts, or to your email list. You may choose to link to any page on our marketing site (pages with www. in the URL), for example our bulk email marketing services comparison page. Once a customer comes to BigMailer site from your link we place a cookie to identify them as your referral and if they become a paying customer you get 30% commission on the payments they make to BigMailer. When your referral creates an account a “50% off 1st month” coupon is automatically added to their account.

Affiliate Program Terms:

  1. The tracking cookie is valid for 60 days. The last affiliate click will get commission.
  2. All payments are made via PayPal in USD, one the 10th of every month.
  3. Minimum payout amount is $100.
  4. The 30% commission is paid on the first 12 months.
  5. Payments take 30 days to approve to account for any refunds or chargebacks.
  6. Affiliates can not refer themselves. This may result in a ban from the program.
  7. Affiliates can advertise via Google but not permitted to bid on “bigmailer” or “big mailer” keywords and any similar variations.
  8. We reserve the right to change the terms at any time, remove any user from the program, or discontinue the program.

Have questions about this program? Reach out to us via live chat.

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