Email Marketing for Agencies

Affordable email marketing for managing multiple brands or products.

Only $1 per 1,000 Contacts Per Month – Unlimited Emails, Brands, and Users

Built-in Brand and Account Management

Add unlimited brands to manage from the main dashboard. Everything is organized under brands – lists, campaigns, and forms. Only account settings like users, billing, API keys, and SES integration are managed outside brands by account administrator.

Invite and manage unlimited users/clients with their own roles and permissions.

Your non-admin users can have 2 levels of access: 1) Brand Managers have access to everything within a brand – campaigns, lists, templates, and brand level settings 2) Campaign Managers don’t have access to brand settings or Lists (contacts data)

Unlimited Lists – No Extra Cost

Add unlimited lists to manage your contacts. Define lists based on collection source (sign up forms or manual exports) or based on custom data (subscriber roles or statuses) or anything in between, and then compare lists’ engagement (opens and clicks) from the main view.

Export your lists with engagement data (opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces, complaints) to sync up with your CRM or delete lists anytime, without talking to support.

Our lists are implemented like tags in other platforms, so a single subscriber record is only stored once per brand. You only get charged based on number of unique contacts for a brand.

Custom Templates or Drag-and-Drop Builder

BigMailer offers 2 template editors, both allow use of unlimited image hosting:

  1. Classic Editor allows you to load and edit existing branded templates, either via simple editor or change HTML code of the template directly.
  2. Drag-and-drop Editor allows you to quickly build mobile optimized templates.

You can choose to store and share some templates at account level, to be shared between brands.

White Label Email Marketing

Besides hosting the platform on your own agency URL, you can configure a custom domain for each sender to be used for

  1. email link tracking
  2. hosting unsubscribe page

Your clients can manage multiple senders (from addresses), each with their own custom domain.

Customize the Unsubscribe page for each brand by adding a logo and message types (to manage opt-in preferences).

Charge your clients any fees with our white label email marketing – host BigMailer platform on your own domain with your logo with all references to BigMailer removed.

Simple Low Pricing – Only $1 per 1,000 Contacts Per Month – Unlimited Emails


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