We are excited to announce that landing pages are now live. Many of our customers have been asking for an easier way to build landing pages with forms and it’s now possible!

You can build your own landing pages from scratch, or use some of our library pages. We are starting with a few page templates in our library, but will be adding more in the coming weeks and months. Need something specific you don’t see? Reach out via chat and request a template.

So what can you do with BigMailer hosted landing pages?

Many things! Let’s review them all:

1. You can setup landing pages hosted either on a) BigMailer domain bigweb.site, or b) a custom site domain that you own.

2. Host 1 landing page in the root of your domain, e.g. host your homepage. So if you don’t have a website, you can set up a coming soon page to load as your homepage and host 1-2 other pages for a mini-site, even on our free plan! On paid plans, you can have 5-20 pages, depending on the plan.

3. Use landing pages with or without email/data collection forms. Most of our library templates have a simple form, typically an email signup, but those are optional.

4. See landing pages stats – visits, clicks, form conversions. Landing pages are stored under Campaigns, so you will see aggregate stats in the campaign dashboard and detailed stats on campaign report, just like email campaigns.

5. Upload and use images hosted on BigMailer or use images from your website. This is no different from how you managed email templates. The advantage of calling images from your site is that anyone who already visited your site will have those images cached in their browser, so the landing page will load for them much faster. This is especially useful for heavy graphics or product images.

6. User forms to collect emails or other data. You can now run polls or surveys for your existing contacts or prospects and store their answers or preferences in your custom fields, which you can then use to segment and personalize your email campaigns. An email field is required on all forms.

Add new form field to LP

NOTE: To create a form with custom fields you need to create any new fields first, before you can add them to a form.

TIP: Use Full Screen mode to build, edit, and preview your pages at full width.

Landing Page in BigMailer

Can I use landing pages on a free plan?

You can host up to 3 landing pages for free, including a page in the root of your domain. You can host landing pages on BigMailer domain or your own.

What about pre-made page templates?

Yes! We added some page templates into the library – agency page, webinar/event signup, promo page, personal page, and more. We plan to keep adding more on ongoing basis and welcome your feedback and requests.

Page templates


How to Create a New Landing Page

To create a landing page, go to Campaigns tab in the top navigation, then click Create and select Landing Pages campaign type.

BigMailer Create a Campaign

Once you have pages under your campaigns, you can copy them to create new ones, just like with email campaigns.

To get started, please refer to this help article for managing landing pages, it has more detailed instructions with screenshots and video.

Got feedback or need to make a request? Reach out to us via chat, we would love to hear from you.

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