We are pleased to announce that BigMailer customers can now grow and monetize their newsletters with SparkLoop, the #1 newsletter recommendations platform, using a direct integration.

What Can Sparkloop Do?

SparkLoop Partner
Sparkloop allows you to grow your lists and monetize via recommendations and you have many options to choose from.

  • Grow your list by partnering with other relevant newsletters and promote each other
  • Allow your subscribers to use their referral list to promote you and offer incentives
  • Monetize by offering paid recommendations to your new subscribers
  • Add paid recommendations directly into your newsletters
  • Get your newsletter promoted by others, and only pay for engaged subscribers that meet your criteria.

How Do I Get Started?

The first step is to create your account with SparkLoop here, then connect to BigMailer using an API key and Brand ID.

Connect to BigMailer

You will need to create a new API key to use for this integration and select what actions are allowed. Select options to create/update/upsert Contacts, list/get/create/update Lists, list/get Brands, and list/get/create/update Fields (this one is only needed if you plan to run a referral program for your subscribers).

BigMailer API key permissions

You can copy your brand ID by going to your brand settings page, you will see the ID in red text at the top of the page, below the brand name.

Choose Your Program

SparkLoop offers you a few options to grow and monetize your newsletter.

Grow Your List

You have 3 options to grow your subscriber list:

  1. Run a Referral Program, or
  2. Partner with another newsletter for free recommendations (via Upscribe)
  3. Get your newsletter promoted by others. 

Grow list with Sparkloop

If you decide to run a referral program make sure your API key allows managing your fields, because your entire list will get updated so each subscriber can have their unique referral code stored.

Monetize Your List

You have 2 monetization options:

  1. Show paid recommendations to new subscribers via Upscribe feature
  2. Add paid recommendation links into your newsletters

Monetize with SparkLoop

We would love to hear about your success with SparkLoop, so please reach out and share. We may even feature you on one of our landing pages or emails.

Happy email marketing!