Quick Platform Tour

Curious what BigMailer platform looks like and top benefits? Check out the overview below. More videos coming soon!

Brands Dashboard

Brands dashboard is the first thing you see when you log into BigMailer, if your user role is Account Administrator or Account Manager. If a user is invited as Brand Manager or Campaign Manager to only 1 brand, they don’t see this screen and are taken to Campaign Dashboard instead.

Brands DashboardCampaigns Dashboard

You have the options to filter your campaigns list by campaign type, campaign status, or by custom folder, using navigation options on the left. In BigMailer, we focus on sender reputation and quality metrics so we show bounce and complaint rages, as well as click-to-open


Creating a Newsletter Campaign – Workflow

Entire workflow for creating a campaign is on ONE screen – easy to review, hard to miss/forget test copy.


Tag-like Lists

BigMailer lists behave like tags, so there is no cost to having the same subscriber appear in multiple lists. We encourage you to create a list for every data source or perhaps subscriber type (newsletter subscriber, paying member, VIP, purchaser, etc) for high level audience targeting.


Advanced Segmentation

BigMailer offers advanced segmentation options that can be used as inline rules or as saved segments, or a combination of both. You can segment on:

  1. Your custom fields
  2. Campaign engagement – sent, opens, clicks, bounces
  3. System fields like DateAdded and auto captured data location

When you use BigMailer’s email collection forms or landing pages BigMailer automatically captures subscriber location that you can use for location-based targeting of your campaigns. Sending emails to your audience based on timezone can help improve engagement rates.


Here are some additional examples of segmentation options:

Segmentation examples

Advanced Campaign Engagement Reporting

No need to guess why your campaign open rate is lower than usual when you have an engagement by domain report. What you might see is <1% open rate for Gmail for example, which would indicate that your email went to a Promotions tab.

Campaign engagement by domain

RSS Campaign Report – Aggregate View

RSS Campaign Report

Landing Pages

With BigMailer you can:

  1. Build your templates in our drag-n-drop editor or use a library template as a starting point.
  2. Setup landing pages hosted either on a) BigMailer domain bigweb.site, or b) a custom site domain that you own.
  3. Host up to 3 landing pages for free, including a homepage (page in the root of your own site domain).

Landing Page in BigMailer

Flexible Template Options

In BigMailer, you are not limited to just 1 editor type or pre-made templates, you can choose from 3 options:

1. Drag-n-drop Builder

Quickly create beautiful and mobile-optimized templates in minutes.

2. Classic HTML Editor

Import your existing HTML templates from another platform or creat simple text-like templates for your transactional campaigns.


3. Pre-made Templates Library

Customize one of our library templates to get started quickly.

Pre-made Templates


Optional (since 2021): Amazon SES Connection

This can be a very cost-effecting option for email marketing via Amazon SES for infrequent senders, those sending only 1-2 emails per month or a few times a year. Connecting your own Amazon SES account to BigMailer allows you to have a lower monthly commitment and pay a bit extra to Amazon based on actual sending. 

BigMailer allows you to create multiple connections to either different regions or different AWS accounts. You can choose your connection for each brand, or groups some brands on 1 connection. 

Amazon SES connections

You can add UNLIMITED senders under a single Amazon SES connection.

Amazon SES senders


Supercharge your ROI with BigMailer simple pricing and efficient workflows.

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