White Label Email Marketing Platform

Email marketing platform for agencies, franchises, niche software, and consultants.

Custom access URL and your logo

Host BigMailer platform on your own domain with your logo and all references to BigMailer removed.

Offer branded or industry specific email templates to help your customers grow their business. Unlimited email templates and image hosting is included.

White glove on-boarding support and training for your team.

white label platform

White Label FAQ

How does it work?

We give you DNS records to point your desired domain to ours and turn on white label flag for your account. About white label setup here.

Do you bill my customers?

No, we only bill you based on your total usage. You bill your customers any fees you want, based on the services you provide.

Is this good for resellers?

No, because we don’t manage billing for your customers and you have to manage support for your customers as well.

Would this work for a franchise?

Yes, BigMailer can be used for a franchise either with or without white label option. Reach out via live chat to discuss your needs.

Can you train my team?

Yes, we can offer a live training for your team, or help you create branded help documents with any business specific info you want to include.

How can I learn more?

Read this FAQ, reach out via live chat (icon on bottom right) to discuss your needs, or schedule a demo.

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