BigMailer Integrations with Other Apps

BigMailer integrations

Using a Zapier, Integromat, Zoho, or Pabbly Connect integration you can connect BigMailer to hundreds of other platforms and applications. You can sync up your customer records with a CRM or another ESP, or add records to BigMailer when you acquire subscribers or customers in other platforms like Shopify or PayPal.

What Kind of Automations Can You Create?

Below is a list of actions and example scenarios that can be setup with BigMailer.

IF [something happens elsewhere] > Add a contact in BigMailer
  • IF a new response is collected via Google Forms ADD a contact into List [some-name] in BigMailer
  • IF a new row added to Google Spreadsheet ADD a contact into List [some-name] in BigMailer
  • IF a new contact is added in [some other ESP] also ADD a contact into List [some-name] in BigMailer
  • IF a new customer/sale/order is added in [some platform] ADD a contact into List [some-name] in BigMailer
IF [something happens elsewhere] > Update existing contact in BigMailer
  • IF a customer completes a purchase UPDATE their record with new fields for order date or amount
  • IF a customer redeems an offer UPDATE their record with a new field that controls an email sequence
  • IF a customer performs an action UPDATE their interest preferences in BigMailer
IF a contact is added in BigMailer > DO [this action somewhere else]


  • IF a new contact is added to List [Member] in BigMailer also add a record in [some platform].
  • IF a new contact is added to List [Paying Customer] in BigMailer send a message via [Gmail/Slack/other].

You can use BigMailer webhooks to send some event data back to your application or 3rd party tool, for example:

  • IF a contact hard bounced, complained, or unsubscribed remove them from active list in [some platform].
  • IF a contact opened/clicked on an email update their record in [some platform].

What Integration Should I use? 

Zapier and Make are the most popular integration platforms, with some differences. Zapier has more integrations, so it’s more likely you’ll find the apps you’re using, and it’s easier for those new to automations. You can do more in Integromat, but it’s more complicated to use and you may need a basic understanding of programming for some parts.

If you are new to integrations, this article comparing Zapier and Integromat (now may help.

Connect via Zapier

Ready to give this a try? Go to Zapier and search for BigMailer in the list of apps to connect to.

Connect via (formerly Integromat)

Ready to give this a try? Go to Make BigMailer page.

Integrate via Pabbly Connect

You can also use Pabbly Connect to send contacts data from other apps into BigMailer. Go to Pabbly Connect.

Zoho Integration App

BigMailer is listed in Zoho as one of the apps you can connect to, see BigMailer app on Zoho.

NEW: Integrately integration is now available.

Connect to 3rd party apps to BigMailer via Integrately.

Have more questions about integrations? Reach out to us via chat.

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