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Join the Influencer Program and get a $60 per month discount on all our plans for 12 months – $720 value!

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We believe that creators and makers shouldn’t get locked out of essential growth features like AB testing, segmentation, or automations, during the early growth years. From our competitor research, we know the practice of limiting features on free and lower tiers is commonplace. We want to change that.

What you get: newsletters, automations, transactional and RSS-to-email campaigns, landing pages, drag-n-drop email template editor and pre-made template library, HTML template editor, subject line AB testing, advanced segmentation and reporting. On ALL plans and tiers.

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Program Eligibility and Terms

Discount applies to any plans, billed monthly.

The Influencer Program is only available to new customers.

You must have a website we can review.

Your email list size is at least 1000 contacts or you have a plan and budget to grow fast.

You are already sending non-promotional content updates to your list at least x1/month.

Your email content complies with our terms.

BigMailer reserves the right to reject applications, or cancel this Influencer Program at any time, for any reason at its sole discretion.