Simple Low Pricing and Generous FREE Plan. Free Migration and Setup Assistance.

You will be charged additional fee by Amazon for using SES. First 2k emails per day are free, then $0.10 per 1,000 emails. Read more about Amazon SES pricing

Smart and powerful email marketing features.

Interest Lists, Campaign Segmentation, and Geo-Targetting. Available on All Plans.

Interest Lists

Interest Lists Management

Define interest lists (newsletters, product updates, special offers, etc.) and allow your customers to opt-out from some messages instead of unsubscribing from all your communications. Available on all plans.

List Segmentation

Powerful Segmentation

You can segment your lists and campaigns based on any built-in or custom defined columns, including dates (e.g. last login), engagement metrics (clicks, opens) on past campaigns, and location-based targetting.

Location-based Targetting

Location-based Targetting

When you use BigMailer sign-up forms (integrates with Sumo List Builder) or import IP adresses from your customer data, we convert it (we do not store IPs) into 5 location data points that you can use to target your campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to add a credit card to get on a Startup (free) plan?

No. As long as you don’t go over the limit of 5,000 contacts you don’t need to add a payment method. Without payment info, your additional imports or campaigns may be suspended if they reach the limit.

Do I have to link my own Amazon SES account to use BigMailer?

You can use BigMailer email collection forms and import your contacts without connecting to Amazon SES, but you will need to link to your Amazon SES account prior to scheduling your first campaign.

Can I get assistance with SES account setup?

Yes! We can assist you with setting up your Amazon SES account and connecting it to BigMailer completely for free. Just reach out to us and request free setup assistance

When will I be charged?

You will be charged immediately after selecting your plan and adding your payment information, so make sure to set your limit to be just slightly above the number of customers you have to allow for new sign ups.

What if I go over my contacts limit?

If you go over the contacts limit you set in any given month you will owe the pro-rated amount for that month that will be added to your next month’s billing cycle.

Why do you require customers to connect their own Amazon SES accounts?

Traditionally, email service providers have been managing their own servers and infrastructure for sending emails, which meant managing and monitoring reputation of their shared server pool. This approach is very expensive, but also results in customers being turned away if their lists are determined to be of low quality based on providers’ internal standards. BigMailer uses Amazon servers to actually send emails out, while providing an interface to manage campaigns, lists, and templates, and analyze performance data, which allows us to pass the savings to you, our customers. Since our customers connect their own Amazon SES accounts, the rest of the BigMailer customers are never affected by anyone’s bad lists or behavior. That means no compliance departments at BigMailer to police our customers so we can focus on making the best platform and service we can.

Can I get a dedicated IP address and how much does it cost?

Yes, you can get a dedicated IP address and manage dedicated IP pool with Amazon SES. Dedicated IP cost is $24.95 per address per month (see pricing).