How to Use a Custom Tracking Domain In Email

In order for ESP like BigMailer to track clicks on links in the emails the links have to go through another domain that redirects the user to the final destination. By default, the click-tracking and unsubscribe page URLs are set by BigMailer. They are not explicitly referencing brand or identifying BigMailer as your email marketing service provider, e.g. we currently use for all accounts on the free plan.

Why Use a Custom Tracking URL?

custom tracking URLWhen the custom tracking domain matches the sender domain, it may make the email appear more authentic to mailbox providers and can improve your deliverability and inbox placement. Your tracking domain can use any new sub-domain for this, for example or BigMailer customers can set up custom tracking domains to anything they would like for free, and without any assistance/support. This option is available for free on all plans, because we believe in enabling our customer success and growing together.

Custom Domain for Unsubscribe Page

On BigMailer platform, when a custom tracking domain is defined for a sender it is used for both, email link tracking and for hosting the Unsubscribe page.

You can customize the unsubscribe page further by:

  1. Adding a logo under Brand settings page. It will be the first element to appear on the Unsubscribe page, above the brand name.
  2. Adding message types to help manage email subscription preferences.

How to Setup Custom Tracking URL

Your sender records can be found in:

Account > SESmanage senders1. Under Account link in the top right of the site > SES link in the menu, if you use your Amazon SES connection to send emails

2. Under your brand name link in the header > Senders link in the menu, if you are on a Pro/Premium plan


Click on the sender domain you want to add a custom tracking URL to and look for the tab “Tracking Domain”.

Tracking Domain for Identity

Follow instructions on the page – choose your tracking sub-domain and get DNS records BigMailer will display.

To enable custom tracking for a subdomain, you would need to update DNS records for your domain, specifically add a new CNAME record pointing your new subdomain to BigMailer. The tracking domain must be a subdomain (like and can’t be a root domain (like

Where to add DNS records

DNS records are typically managed by domain registrar. Here are some provider documentation links:

It usually takes 1-2 hours for a tracking domain to automatically verify and BigMailer will start using the new link automatically.

White-label Option for Agencies

BigMailer offers a white label option for customers on Agency plan. This isn’t a self-service option, so needs to be discussed vi scheduling a demo. With our white-label option your clients would access the platform on a site that is branded for your organization and you can charge your clients based on your own pricing model.

Have any questions or need assistance? Please use chat icon once logged into your account.