Announcement Date: Nov 20, 2023

Summary of the November 2023 updates

#1. We are removing unlimited sending on Business, Agency, and Enterprise plans that require Amazon SES connection and replacing it with a monthly sending limit of x12 list size (approx. 3 emails per week to entire list). Sending above the monthly limit is subject to overage fee of $0.4 per 1000 emails sent.

#2. Delivery stats and Sent/Delivery notifications via webhook are subject to additional fees:

  • Sent notifications via webhook – $20 per 100,000 contacts per month
  • Delivery stats – $40 per 100,000 contacts per month

#3. We increased the starting billing level for Business plan to $20/month from $10/month. Existing active customers are not affected, as long as they keep their accounts in good standing. If a subscription gets canceled due to past due billing status it has to re-activate with all new pricing changes in affect.

Our pricing page and billing pages were already updated and the changes are in immediate effect for new customers only. These changes will be in effect for existing customers on their billing period that starts on or after January 1st 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

I only send 2-3 emails per week to my entire list, will my cost change?

No, if you send 3 times per week or less frequently there is no monthly/total cost change.

I am sending daily or more than once a day, can I get a discount on overage fees? 

If you are not storing a lot of images on BigMailer platform, or willing to switch to hosting images elsewhere (your store or website) you can request a custom volume discount. Please reach out via chat to discuss.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Not on plans that require use of Amazon SES, unless the sending is very infrequent (once a month or less often) and you are on Agency or Enterprise plans. We do have more flexibility with custom discounts for customers on our Pro (x10 monthly limit) and Premium (x30 monthly limit) plans that don’t require Amazon SES connection.

Would it cost me more to switch to send with BigMailer instead of Amazon SES?

It depends on your sending frequency. If you send x10 per month than the cost between Basic and Pro plans is comparable, almost identical. If you need to send daily, then switching to our Premium plan can save you money on the overages. Business/Agency Premium plans comes with x30 monthly limit and don’t require Amazon SES connection. The overage for sending above limit is still $0.4 per 1000 emails.

Are there more pricing changes coming?

We commit to not raising prices for the same plan/product for at least 12 months after a price change. We have never changed pricing for Business plan before, since we launched in 2017. We might add custom data storage policies to all plans sometime in early 2024, but it will likely affect less than 10% of our customers.

Is there any way to lock into my current pricing?

You can lock your current price by switching from a monthly plan to an annual plan that also comes with a 15% discount.

Still have questions? Reach out to us via chat (once logged in) to discuss your account and current/future cost.