There are hundreds of companies offering email marketing solutions these days, so why choose BigMailer? There’s a long list of reasons, starting with a startup friendly free tier (<5,000 contacts free) and super cheap pricing ($1 per 1,000 contacts). But since we didn’t set out to just compete on price, here’s a list of features that we think makes BigMailer an attractive option for many businesses.

#1 Opt-in Interest (aka Message Type) Management

Most market leaders don’t even offer the option to manage multiple interest-based opt-ins, and those that do (like MailChimp) price it as a multiplier of typical rate x number of opt-ins you want to manage, yikes!

Example of unsubscribe page for a BigMailer customer

Why is this important? Interest-based opt-ins allow your customers to unsubscribe only from those emails they don’t want to receive and keep receiving those they want to receive, instead of opt-out from all communications from your brand.

Here is another sample – an old unsubscribe page for VerticalResponse – they have since changed it to a single opt-out. Interestingly enough, VerticalResponse doesn’t offer a way for their customers to manage these type of opt-out settings.

VerticalResponse old unsubscribe page

VerticalResponse Old Unsubscribe Page

What I like about this page is email frequency listed as well, which is very helpful. What I didn’t like is that there was no option to opt-out from “sponsored” emails from their partners, rather then promotions from VR, or at least that email type wasn’t explicitly listed.

#2 Custom Sender Without “via”

With BigMailer, you can configure unlimited custom senders –,, – you get the idea. When your customers receive an email sent from BigMailer, assuming you configured things correctly, they will only see the from email address in the header and nothing else that points to your provider. This can help your email deliverability, since the sender is actually the sender, not some 3rd party server, and makes any future migrations headache free.

Header of an email via 3rd party email provider

#3 Campaign Segmentation Based on Engagement

For full transparency – features #3 and #4 are offered by some providers, those that charge you an arm-and-a-leg for using their platforms. BigMailer offers this feature on all plans while being 50-90% cheaper(depending on your list size) than market leaders.

BigMailer segmenting actions – opened, clicked, was sent, not open, did not click, not sent

#4 Automatic Geo Location Data Collection

BigMailer automatically collects geo location data when your contacts perform these actions:

  • when they sign up through a BigMailer form
  • when they click on any links in any of your campaigns

Since IP address of customer is considered PII (Personally Identifiable Information), BigMailer does NOT store any IP addresses for your customers – we simply convert it to non-PII data points we can store like country, state, city, zip and allow you to target your campaigns based on this data.

There is of course a bunch of other cool features, like built-in brand management, list suppression (opt-out data from any cross-promo campaigns you may have done with your partners/affiliates/vendors). We don’t offer hundreds of pretty templates, because any serious marketers (like you) already have their own email templates. And if you need a nice template or two, there are a tons of free responsive html templates you can grab and customize.

Need other features you want to see in BigMailer? Request them in comments or contact us directly. We appreciate any feedback you have for us.