MailGun Alternative – BigMailer

MailGun is known as a low-cost transactional email provider, similar to SendGrid. While they offer ability to send bulk emails (aka broadcasts or newsletters), the platform isn’t as optimized for marketing/promotional email sending as some of the leading bulk email marketing service providers.

BigMailer is a hosted email marketing platform that runs via Amazon SES and supports all campaigns types – bulk, auto/drip, and transactional.

Pricing Model – Subscriptions Vs. Pay-as-you-go

The biggest different between MailGun and BigMailer is the pricing model.

BigMailer is priced based on number of contacts stored and offers unlimited emails, offering greatest benefits to high volume and frequent senders. If you send 2 or more emails per month to your list, then BigMailer pricing works better for you.

As of February 2020, MailGun no longer offers a free plan or limit and offers 2 types of plans:

  1. Flex plan is a pay-as-you-go plan that is priced at $0.8 per 1000 emails sent and has no commitment.
  2. There is 3 additional plans based on fixed monthly sending limit that offer additional benefits, like IP address and different level of support, with any sending above set limits priced at the same rate as a Flex plan.

MailGun pricing benefits infrequent, occasional senders who send less than 3 emails per month. So if you send 1 or 2 bulk campaigns per month or don’t engage your entire lists on recurring basis and rather engage certain segments of your list then MailGun pricing is more cost effective for your needs.

Brand and User Access Management

BigMailer platform has built-in support for managing multiple brands (e.g. businesses, products, or websites), with their own lists and templates. No need to switch between accounts to manage clients or products. It also supports managing multiple users and managing their access based on brands and permission levels.

User Permissions

Example: User/Client access management on BigMailer

An Account Administrator can manage users and billing, in addition to access to all brands. Brand Manager can access all data and workflows within a brand, while Campaign Manager doesn’t have access to Lists (to protect your subscriber data).

Email Template Editing

MailGun offers very simple template editor with direct access to template code, so you can customize your template directly via HTML edits. There is no drag-and-drop template editor, and the few pre-made templates offered as a starting point look more like plain-text emails with minimal design elements. MailGun’s template management is most suitable for transactional emails.

BigMailer offers the flexibility of choosing between 2 template editors:

  1. Advanced Drag-and-Drop Editor allows you to build beautiful mobile optimized templates in minutes. There is also a collection of pre-made email templates to use as a starting point that can be customized.
  2. Classic Editor offers an option to add and manage existing branded templates and edit them in 2 modes – rich text or HTML code.

Here is a comparison table for some price levels and features.

MailGun alternatives comparison


Want to learn more about what BigMailer has to offer or have questions? Use live chat on the Plans & Pricing page or create your free account. All plans start on a free Startup plan, no credit card required.