BigMailer Adds Transactional Email Support

Whew… we were a little behind the timeline we committed to on our product roadmap, but support for transactional emails is now live!. You can now add and manage your transactional emails, in addition to marketing (bulk) and automation campaigns (aka drip or email sequences) in BigMailer, included in all plans at no additional cost.

Using SendGrid for your transactional emails now? Here is a SendGrid vs. BigMailer comparison.

How to use BigMailer transactional email campaigns:

  1. Use BigMailer for standalone transactional emails triggered within your application and store/manage your transactional email templates on BigMailer platform – this allows marketers to tweak CTA and content of those emails without getting developers involved.
  2. Use your defined transactional emails as triggers in automated/drip sequences.
  3. Automatically feed your transactional email contacts into appropriate lists for use in your marketing/bulk campaign. This is a benefit of managing your transactional and marketing/bulk emails on the same platform.

EXAMPLE USE. Say you have an email collection form on your blog or site to get users to subscribe to your newsletter that goes into a list named “Newsletter Signup”. Once you setup a transactional email contacts to go into your “Regi” list or possibly “Paid Customers” you can segment your marketing campaigns based on those lists.

How to setup transactional email with BigMailer:

  1. Click on your username in site header (top right cornet), then select “Account” in the dropdown.
  2. Select “API” tab in the page navigation, you will see your API key 
  3. Select “Campaigns” in the site header navigation, then go to “Transactional” tab and click “Create Campaign button” 
  4. Define all the fields for a campaign, save.
  5. Refer to API documentation to add email triggers to your application.

We will be expanding our APIs and documentation in the coming weeks and months, but if there is some feature you are looking for please don’t hesitate to reach out.

BigMailer adds Drip Email Campaigns

The wait is over! You can now add and manage your marketing automation campaigns (aka drip or email sequences) in BigMailer, included in all plans at no additional cost.

Examples of Automated Email (Drip) Campaigns

What kind of emails can you add? Below is a list of examples for an e-commerce site or a membership-based online product. If the customer signed up for a newsletter you can simply tell them what to expect, e.g. how often you send updates and a promise to keep content valuable and interesting, or send them a survey on what topics interest them or who they are.

1. Welcome Email (Account/Regi Confirmation).

Condition for trigger: Email is added to a list (1st email in your sequence).

This one is a must for email marketers. This is your opportunity to re-engage the user but also tell them about major features they can explore, highlight next steps for taking advantage of their new account, or point them to articles on product usage tips.

2. Got Questions? Can we help you?

Condition for trigger: 1-7 days after welcome email (step 2 in a sequence).

Use this email to offer helpful content or remind user how to get assistance with any issues they might be having, also to highlight methods for support (chat, email, phone).

3. Ready to subscribe/upgrade? / Special Offer

Condition for trigger: 3-30 days after Step 1 or Step 2 + not in your subscriber list (you should have a list for your paid subscribers).

This is your sale email and a chance to convert your prospects or users on free accounts into paid customers. It’s common to see a discount offer in this type of email (10-20% forever or off first 1-3 months), as an incentive to upgrade during a fixed timeframe (today only or in the next X days), but you can simply remind the user about all the benefits of a paid product and highlight its value to the user. Remember, great products save their users either time or money or both.

Checkout BigMailer product roadmap to see what other features we are working on and help us decide on what we should move up the list.

Happy Automation!


Why You Should Use BigMailer as Your Email Marketing Software

With so companies offering email marketing solutions these days, it can be difficult deciding which one will provide you with the most complete service at the best value.

What makes BigMailer an excellent choice? To begin with, we offer a startup-friendly free tier (<5,000 contacts free), affordable pricing that’s friendly for scaling up ($1 per 1,000 contacts) and agency friendly built-in brand and user management. But wait! There’s so much more.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features that we think makes BigMailer an attractive option for many businesses.

1. One Platform for Bulk, Automated and Transactional Emails

Using different providers for your bulk (MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, AWeber) and transactional (SendGrid, MailGun) campaigns is so 2009. Not only are you paying more for different providers to engage with the same list, you’re making more work for yourself by managing and syncing bounce and unsubscribe data and analyzing subscriber engagement. That, and your transactional emails shouldn’t be managed in the software or website code by developers – they should be a part of your integrated marketing efforts.

BigMailer allows you to manage all of your email campaign types on a single platform, which means that you have only one price point and your engagement data is centralized. By having a unified view of how customers engage with your brand, you can easily initiate email sequences based on transactional email activity. A good example of this is when a user creates a member account or starts a free trial on a website. The back-end triggers a welcome email with next steps and usage tips and an email sequence you’ve defined is then initiated based on the transactional email.

2. Opt-in Interest Management

Most market leaders don’t offer the option to manage multiple, interest-based unsubscribe pages, and those that do (Campaign Monitor and AWeber, for example) price it as a multiplier of their typical rate and the number of opt-in interests you want to manage. Pricey! On BigMailer, you can use as many interests for your opt-in management as you want, at no additional cost.

What does a BigMailer unsubscribe page look like with multiple interests? Below is a screenshot of a client’s subscription preferences page.

Example: unsubscribe page with preferences format

Why is this important? Instead of opting out of all communications from your brand, interest-based unsubscribe pages allow your customers to unsubscribe only from the emails they don’t want to receive and keep receiving those that they do.

3. Unlimited Custom Sender Configuration

With BigMailer, you can configure an unlimited number of custom senders (e.g.,, When your customers receive an email sent via BigMailer, assuming you’ve configured things correctly, they’ll only see the from email address in the header and nothing else that points to your provider.

Email header with custom sender

Email header with custom sender

This can make you as the sender appear more authentic and improve your email deliverability. It also makes any future migrations headache-free because the sender signature is the same.

Header of an email sent via a third-party provider

4. Campaign Segmentation Based on Engagement

While these next two features are offered by some providers, you’ll pay much more to use their platforms. BigMailer offers these features on all plans and is 50-500% less expensive (depending on your list size) than the market leaders.

BigMailer allows you to segment your target audience based on campaign engagement, location and any of the fields in your customer lists (e.g., date joined or member role).

BigMailer segmenting actions – opened, clicked, was sent, not open, did not click, not sent

5. Automatic Geo-location Data Collection

BigMailer automatically collects geo-location data when your contacts perform these actions:

  • Sign up through a BigMailer form
  • Click on any of the links in your campaigns

Since a customer’s IP address is considered personally identifiable information (PII), BigMailer does NOT store it. Instead, we convert it to non-PII data points that we can store, like a customer’s city, state, ZIP code and country. You can then use this data to effectively target your campaigns.

6. No Compliance Departments, No Customers Turned Away

Traditionally, email service providers manage their own servers and infrastructure, which entails monitoring and managing the reputation of a shared server pool. This approach is not only very expensive, but also results in customers being turned away if their lists are determined to be of lower than target quality.

BigMailer uses Amazon servers to send emails while providing an interface to manage campaigns and analyze performance data. This approach is less expensive and allows us to pass the savings on to the consumer. We also require that our customers connect their own Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) accounts to BigMailer. We do this so that others using the platform are never affected by anyone’s bad lists or behavior. This means we have no need for a compliance department to police our customers, freeing up resources that allow us to focus our efforts entirely on making the best email marketing platform available.

7. Two Template Editor Options: Drag and Drop and Classic

While drag and drop email template editors are now largely considered to be standard, not all low-cost platforms (like MailGun) offer them. In fact, many platforms only provide an option for using drag and drop or custom template management, not both.

At BigMailer, we give you both at no extra cost, and our two template editors allow for use of unlimited image hosting. The classic editor allows you to load and edit existing branded templates, either using a simple editor or by changing the HTML code of the template directly. The drag and drop editor allows you to quickly build beautiful mobile-optimized templates. Additionally, you can choose to store and share some templates at the account level, which can then be shared between brands.

drag and drop email template editor

Still not convinced BigMailer is the best choice for your business? There are a bunch of other cool features – built-in brand management, unlimited users with permission levels, list suppression (opt-out data from any campaigns you may have done with your partners/affiliates/vendors), automated pause of campaign with high bounce rate – that we’d be thrilled to discuss with you in greater detail via live chat.

Are there other features you’d like to see in BigMailer? Request them in comments section or via live chat. We appreciate any feedback you have for us.