EmailOctopus Alternative – BigMailer

BigMailer is a hosted solution that offers an option to send email via Amazon SES, just like EmailOctopus (and unlike Sendy), so there are some similarities between these two providers, for example access to dedicated IPs is facilitated via Amazon SES and cost the same $25 per IP per month.

Both BigMailer and EmailOctopus use the same pricing model based on number of contacts (aka subscribers) stored on the platform, and both offering unlimited emails per month and slightly different free tiers.

So what are the major feature differences between BigMailer and EmailOctopus? Let’s go over them.

Bulk + Automation + Transactional Campaigns

In addition to bulk and automation BigMailer also supports transactional campaigns, which allows centralizing all email marketing activities in a single platform with fully in-sync customer data, which is especially important for engagement stats like unsubscribes, bounces, and complaints.

User ManagementBrand and User Access Management

BigMailer has built-in brand and user management which is ideal for organizations with large teams, digital marketing agencies, web development shops, and anyone managing multiple products. You can manage unlimited brands and users or clients, with custom permission levels for each team member or client.

An account admin can choose to share a template across all brands in the account, offering exceptional value and workflow improvement for agencies.

BigMailer also offers an option to white label BigMailer platform, offered on Agency and Enterprise plans.

BigMailer unsubscribe page customizationsCustomizable Unsubscribe Page

BigMailer offers an option to customize an unsubscribe page and configure it as an email preference center with subscription preferences as an alternative to a single/global unsubscribe option. Offering unsubscribe preferences can help retain up to 20 % of the potential unsubscribes.

If a custom tracking domain is configured the unsubscribe page is also hosted on the same custom domain that is used for link tracking.


Free Stock Images, Volume Throttling, and Suppression Lists

EmailOctopus review and alternativeWhile both BigMailer and EmailOctopus offer a drag-and-drop template editor and pre-made templates, in BigMailer you have access to over 500,000 free stock photos for unlimited use and storage.

BigMailer offers volume throttling which is useful for high volume email senders, businesses that send hundreds of thousands of emails.

BigMailer allows use of suppression lists on campaigns, which are useful for sponsored or partner blasts when 3rd party opt-out lists are provided.

EmailOctopus accounts are limited to 500,000 subscribers on self-service, while BigMailer customers can add up to 10 million without going through support for limit increases and approvals.

*EmailOctopus site has a chat-like functionality, but it states that “typically replies within a few hours” with a request of your name and email, so it works more like an email support rather than live chat support.

High volume email senders and organizations managing email marketing for multiple businesses, like agencies or franchises, benefit from BigMailer platform features the most.

Have questions about some features or volume discount pricing? Reach out to us via chat or schedule a demo.

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