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There are over 300 email marketing service providers (ESPs) listed on platforms like Capterra and G2, but which one is the right platform to send your high volume campaigns? One signal is the plans and billing levels listed on the pricing pages – levels listed as popular and levels that require a custom pricing quote.

Here are some of the BigMailer features that are loved by high volume senders:

BigMailer Brand Dashboard

  • Volume throttling – specify batch size for every 15/30/60/120 min
  • Custom tracking domain – improve inboxing rates
  • Campaign reporting by mailbox provider – insights you can act on
  • Unlimited brands and users with role-based access
  • Unlimited templates and image hosting
  • All campaign types – bulk/marketing, auto/drip, transactional, RSS
  • Email preferences on your branded unsubscribe pages
  • Chat support 7 days a week, 8am-8pm (EST)

BigMailer allows you to manage all your brands, users, and emails in one place at a simple low price point, for exceptional ROI. Get dedicated on-boarding, strategy and deliverability advice, and ongoing support at no extra cost.


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Compare Bulk Email Senders Features and Pricing

If you send a variety of campaign types from different platforms (e.g. transactional from SendGrid and marketing from MailChimp) consider consolidating all your email in a single platform with a single price point, with unified customer data and real-time engagement tracking across email types.

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Last Updated: Jan 6, 2023

*SendInBlue offers a Lite plan for $25/month, that includes 40,000 emails per month, but on this plan SendInBlue logo isn’t removed and features are very limited so it’s less comparable to other providers.

**Since this post focuses on marketing (aka newsletter or broadcast) email campaigns, we are comparing to SendGrid’s Marketing and not API plans pricing.

***MailGun’s Flex is a pay-as-you-go plan that allows you to send any email frequency, we chose x2 monthly frequency to make comparison more comparable to SendGrid and SendInBlue.

Advanced Segmentation and Reporting

campaign engagement by mailbox provider

BigMailer supports merge tags in all fields – email template, subject line, preview, from label, and reply-to label fields. Personalizing your email template, subject line, and preview fields with your subscriber data is known to improve deliverability and inbox placement for high volume senders, as well as improve engagement. BigMailer supports conditional merge tags to allow you greater flexibility. For example, you can use conditional merge tags to provide fallback value if the field is empty. You can also customize your links with campaignID, subscriberID, email, and date merge tags, which is a technique typically used on ad modules or sponsored links to assist with performance tracking.

Unlike Sendgrid, BigMailer allows you to set custom tracking parameters (e.g. utm_ parameters for Google Analytics) on each campaign. Tracking clicks and conversions by campaign, allows you greater insight into your email marketing efforts and ongoing ROI optimizations.

Sending Volume ThrottlingYou can use segmentation for your campaign targeting or exports in BigMailer based on:

  • Your custom fields
  • Campaign engagement – sent, opens, clicks, not sent, didn’t open, didn’t click – specific campaign or date range
  • DateAdded – automatically added when a contact is added to BigMailer
  • Location – if you use BigMailer signup forms the location is automatically captured (IP is not stored but converted to non-PII location data points like country, state, zip code, and latitude/longitude

Volume throttling feature can help large volume senders control and improve their email deliverability, especially if the subscriber lists isn’t very diverse and has a lot of gmail/yahoo/aol addresses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses your platform? Agencies, email marketing consultants, franchises, media sites (publishers), and bloggers.

Do you have customers who send millions of emails? Yes, many. Some send several millions in a single campaign without volume throttling, some like to throttle volume to spread large send over several hours, some break down into campaigns per list segment.

I have more questions, how can I get answers? Please use chat icon on bottom right, we would love to talk to you.

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