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BigMailer is a hosted alternative to Sendy, that allows sending email via Amazon SES. Fast sending speed, drag-and-drop editor, advanced reporting and segmentation, automations, are some of the top benefits of switching to BigMailer. Setting up on BigMailer doesn’t require technical skills and experience is optimized for managing multiple brands and high volume senders.

Why You Should Consider a Sendy Alternative

The main issue we keep hearing from our customers switching from Sendy is slow sending speed. When you host Sendy on your own server, your sending rate is limited by the server capacity you host Sendy on. When you host Sendy on a small/cheap server your marketing campaigns may take many hours to go out, which doesn’t allow you to optimize your engagement for best open rate.

User Management

BigMailer and Sendy both support:

  1. Multiple brands, users, and SES connections.
  2. Multiple SES connections.
  3. Use of dedicated IPs at $25/IP/month via Amazon SES.
  4. Bulk, automation, and transactional campaigns.
  5. HTML template editor.
  6. White-label option.

However, there are some differences in how certain features are supported and priced:

  1. Sendy does not support multiple users under a brand, while BigMailer offers access management for each brand. BigMailer is optimized for agencies, multi-brand organizations, and large teams.
  2. BigMailer allows you to have unlimited custom domains at no extra cost, while Sendy requires you to purchase additional license – $20 for 1 domain, $48 for 5 domains. Custom domains are used for tracking links and help improve deliverability and inboxing.

BigMailer Advantages Over Sendy

  1. Drag-and-drop email template editor, producing mobile-optimized templates. Unlimited image hosting.
  2. Library of pre-made, mobile-optimized templates that you can customize.
  3. Advanced List segmentation – built-in or custom fields, campaign engagement action, email domain, and more.
  4. Fast email delivery (not limited to your server capacity).
  5. Sending volume throttling (X emails per 15/30/60/120 min).
  6. No upfront setup fees. You can try out Amazon SES on BigMailer’s Startup (free) plan, with no features locked!
  7. Support via live chat 7 days a week. Ongoing updates at no extra cost.
Advanced Segmentation Options

segmentation examples

Drag-n-drop Template Editor

BigMailer Drag-n-Drop Builder

Advanced Engagement Reporting

engagement by domain

Try BigMailer and supercharge your ROI with simple pricing, efficient workflows, and user access controls.

Agency Features and Benefits

If you are an agency offering email marketing as a service to your clients BigMailer offers many valuable workflows and features:

  1. A library of mobile optimized templates, access to free stock photo search and unlimited image storing.
  2. An account admin can share a template with all brands in the account so you can offer nice seasonal templates to your clients as an added value. Great option for seasonal greetings, birthday cards, and event based promotions.
  3. Option to white label our email platform and host it on your own domain with your logo.
  4. Chat support 7 days a week.
Templates library

BigMailer templates library.

Have questions about some features or volume discount pricing? Reach out to us via chat or schedule a demo.

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