Mailchimp Vs. BigMailer – Price and Feature Comparison

MailChimp is a leading email marketing platform and has been expanding into a marketing platform beyond email. Their have conquered their market share with small business owners and marketing consultants with their simple UI and the largest library of email templates for every need and style.

MailChimp comprehensive feature list is unbeatable, but some of the power features for pro marketers aren’t included in all plans and require an additional charge on top of mail list based pricing. While MailChimp does offer support for email sequences and automation, their support for transactional email is serviced through a separate service Mandrill, which is priced separately from bulk/marketing email platform without any data integrations. So if you want a unified customer view and streamlined workflow for all your email marketing needs, BigMailer offers an advantage at simple low price.

Below is a very basic price and feature comparison between MailChimp and BigMailer.


Mailchimp Grow

Mailchimp Pro

Free Plan

Up to 5K Contacts

Up to 2K Subscribers

Up to 2K Subscribers

Monthly Cost

10K Contacts


$75 + $10 for Grow

$75 + $199 for Pro

30K Contacts



$225 + $199 for Pro

50K Contacts



$250 + $199 for Pro

100K Contacts



$475 + $199 for Pro

Bulk Campaigns

Drip Campaigns


Integrated at no extra cost

Via Mandrill at extra cost

No bulk/drip integration

Via Mandrill at extra cost

No bulk/drip integration

Sign Up Forms

Template Library


Unlimited Lists



Live Chat Support



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