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BeeHiiv is a popular and fast growing email platform for creators and newsletter operators. It offers a generous free tier of up to 2500 contacts and many features aimed at monetizing newsletters. We wanted to dig deeper for a more comprehensive view to help you compare the two platforms and choose the right one for you.

Both BigMailer and BeeHiiv offer:

However, there are some notable differences between these platforms:

  • Beehiiv doesn’t support transactional emails or RSS-to-email type campaigns
  • Beehiiv’s email template management is very limited – no template library and no drag-n-drop template builder
  • Features like sending to segments and referral program are only available on Scale plan starting at $84
  • BeeHiiv is x2-3 more expensive than BigMailer on list sizes under 30k, but cheaper on list sizes 50k-100k
  • BeeHiiv offers CMS-like functionality for publishing content, which BigMailer doesn’t

We made this comparison table with features and pricing to help you compare the 2 providers:

Beehiiv Alternative - BigMailer

BigMailer or BeeHiiv – Which Platform Is Right For You?

Do you manage a membership site and need to send transactional emails, perhaps some event notifications? Consider the additional cost and overhead of setting up transactional email with another provider if you go with BeeHiiv for your newsletters.

Do you run a DTC business and need direct e-commerce integrations? Neither is probably a good option for you, consider Klaviyo, or ConstantContact.

If you are an agency managing multiple publications, BigMailer offers workflows optimized for multi brand management – template sharing, role-based user access, various activity logs.

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