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ConvertKit is a great email platform for creators just starting out with email marketing and building their email list. However, if you are growing your list aggressively and especially if you are sending mostly newsletters and few automations, the monthly cost can become burdensome.

Both BigMailer and ConvertKit offer:

  • Marketing, automation, and RSS type email campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • Template library and image hosting
  • Segmentation and reporting

However, there are also some notable differences between these platforms:

  • ConvertKit doesn’t offer transactional email
  • ConvertKit doesn’t have a drag-g-drop template builder, so you are limited to pre-made templates or have to create your own HTML templates
  • Features like subscriber referrals are only available on ConvertKit’s more expensive Pro plan.
  • ConvertKit is x3-4 more expensive than BigMailer, depending on your list size
  • BigMailer offers multi-brand management, ideal for creators with multiple websites
  • BigMailer offers a white label option for agencies and franchises, an extra growth and monetization opportunity

We made this comparison table with features and pricing to help you compare the 2 providers:

BigMailer as ConvertKit alternative

For Marketing Agencies and Franchises

If you are an agency offering email marketing as a service to your clients BigMailer offers many valuable workflows and features:

  1. A library of mobile optimized templates, access to free stock photo search and unlimited image storing.
  2. An account admin can share a template with all brands in the account so you can offer nice seasonal or industry-specific templates to your clients as an added value. Great option for offering extra service without adding much work. 
  3. Option to white label our email platform and host it on your own domain with your logo.

BigMailer or ConvertKit – Which Platform Is Right For You?

Do you send simple weekly or x2/week newsletters and maybe some automations for your welcome series? If sending email newsletters is all you are looking for you may decide that paying x3-4 more for a platform with a few extra features isn’t necessary.

Do you have a membership site and need to send transactional emails, perhaps some event notifications? Consider the burden of managing your email and your audience in more than 1 email platform, and the extra cost.

Do you sell digital products and need e-commerce or Facebook integrations? ConvertKit is a better option for you.

Got more questions about BigMailer? Reach out to us via live chat or schedule a demo to discuss your requirements.

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