Campaigner Alternative – BigMailer

Campaigner is an email marketing platform that may seem similar to BigMailer in feature set, at a quick glance, but we dug deeper for a more comprehensive view to help you compare the two.

Both BigMailer and Campaigner offer:

  • Marketing, automation, and RSS type email campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • Custom HTML and Drag-n-drop template editors, and template library
  • Segmentation and reporting
  • Suppression lists
  • White label for agencies
  • Built-in email list validation – BigMailer handles this at a list import step with a one-time cost, while Campaigner offers it as an add-on product priced at 20% of your recurring subscription

However, there are also some notable differences between these platforms:

  • Campaigner doesn’t support transactional emails
  • Campaigner’s limit for storing images – 50MB on Starter plan and 1GB on Essential and Advanced
  • Campaigner has a hard limit on sending – x6 your list size. BigMailer’s includes x10 and applies overages for any volume after.
  • Some features like dynamic content, list suppression, and e-commerce integrations are not available on Campaigner’s Starter plan, and full-featured Automations and API access are only available on Advanced plan starting at $649
  • Campaigner is x3-6 more expensive than BigMailer, depending on your list size

We made this comparison table with features and pricing to help you compare the 2 providers:

Campaigner Alternative - BigMailer

Campaigner also offers e-commerce plans that are priced based on sending volume, rather than list size like the plans we compared below. So if you are a DTC brand with infrequent sending schedule (x1-2/mo) then those plans may work better than the plans we compared below.

BigMailer or Campaigner – Which Platform Is Right For You?

Do you send simple newsletters and maybe some automations for your welcome series? If sending email newsletters is all you are looking for and your list size is under 100k you may decide that paying x5 more for a platform with a lot of features you don’t need isn’t practical.

Do you manage a membership site and need to send transactional emails, perhaps some event notifications? Consider the additional cost and overhead of setting up transactional email with another provider if you go with Campaigner for your newsletters.

Do you run a DTC business and need direct e-commerce integrations? Campaigner may be a better option for you.

If you are a small agency with less than 100k contacts then Campaigner price tag may be hard to justify. Larger agencies may be able to negotiate better pricing on custom plans not listed.

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