Cold Email Software (Feature and Price Comparison)

Marketing your business in the digital age is complex, with a myriad of options that may or may not be price effective or provide the right value for your business. Cold emailing can help expand your businesses reach and provide a valuable return on your investment but it’s different from sending marketing emails to your own list. Most email marketing platforms don’t allow cold emails, and can ban you from the platform for not following their TOS (Terms of Service). You  need to choose an email provider that focuses on cold emailing and outreach.

There are over 1000 CRM providers listed on Capterra, with many offering email services for lead generation. In this article we focused on most popular and affordable options, with SMB and startup friendly pricing. If your budget allows, consider market leaders like HubSpot and SalesForce.

Personalizing a cold outreach message can help generate a response or help start a conversation, so the cold email service provider must be able to handle sourcing recipient data, creating quick templates for each demographic, providing follow-up services, and handling the volume that the business requires.

Since BigMailer does NOT allow sending cold emails from its platform we put together this article for our prospects asking us for recommendations of cold email service providers. We have compiled data on features and pricing for three popular and low cost services –, Woodpecker, and SmartReach.

Cold Email Outreach Software Comparison 2021

Based on the table above you can see that the 3 major factors for choosing a provider are:

  1. Your team size – if you are a team of 1 SmartReach starter plan is best value.
  2. Your volume of emails – if you have a high volume of activity the plans with unlimited credits can be great value
  3. Email finder and integration tools – this is where SmartReach platform stands out with their rich options.

Other Resources

Are you new to cold outreach? Check out the blogs of the providers mentioned above and our list below:

We hope you find this comparison table helpful as our prospects do. Happy cold emailing and lead generation!